Final cancer treatment (the discoverer of Egyptian)

Discover definitive cure for cancer without surgical intervention or chemotherapy, God willingFinally drug 'compassion' for the treatment of cancer in Egypt under the auspices of Saudi ArabiaSeems that the 'cancer' will turn in the near future thanks to God to just a normal diseaseLike cold processed medication doses available cheap 'Week 'has published the story of Dr. Mohammed al-Najjar, professor of forensic medicine at the University ofAlexandria reached to the invention of a cure for cancer of all kinds, and has registeredPatented the Academy of Scientific Research in Egypt and remained in strenuous attempts to persuadeThe Egyptian Ministry of Health to adopt this invention, which can erase the pain of the people especiallyHaving gotten the disease in the modern era and after that proved severe side effectsFor the treatment of radiation and chemotherapy for patients and ineffective in healing by 100% ..Try d. Najjar convince officials who clung to routine and asked to view the topicAzhar Ali!! D asked. Najjar Azhar relationship with medicine, and has been attemptsScientific and bickering prompting inventor of thinking about immigration to America! IndeedShowered with offers U.S. drug companies to buy the property, which was called'Roadex' and stop the price of the property barrier to the completion of the transaction as required d. Najjar notMore than the price of an injection medication Ali (300 pounds) which has become impossible from the standpoint ofAmericans because going into business where there is no place 'emotions Egyptian ...The European flooded with offers to buy the property, including Greece, which enthused Prime MinisterHimself to contract with the Egyptian Inventor even appeared on the horizon Saudi offer to enthuse himDr. Najjar because his show was His Royal Highness Prince Fahd bin Abdullah bin Mohammed AlSaud, who has personally agree with Dr. Al-Najjar, who assured me 'week' heIn a few days will be contracted with the Saudi prince who adopt the propertyIt will be called the name of 'drug compassion' after he proved to be effective in the treatment of about '300Satisfactory condition 'in most cancers' lymph nodes, lung and colonThe pancreas' and will be granted Saudi nationality of the inventor of Egypt then be able toCreate '5 centers' for the treatment of cancer in Cairo, Alexandria, Tanta and DamanhourAnd supervision team with the highest level of scientific doctors and professors tumors EgyptiansTo be called 'centers for the treatment of cancer rapidly during the month' byMercy, a drug that would not be sold in pharmacies, but the treatment is only withinCenters not exceeding the price per syringe (300 pounds) and enough Hakntan of propertyFor the treatment of blood cancer 'leukemia' in addition to other medical preparations of the drug for the treatment ofDifferent types of cancer and will be the largest property in manufacturing drugs factory inRiyadh, Saudi Arabia with another branch in the UAE already been chosen the first siteInternational in Alexandria, next to the park and being searched for other sites to beWork on in full swing to be able to erase the pain of patients in Egypt and the Arab worldOnly Secretariat Report and God knowsThis mobile phone number your doctor finder treatment, Dr. Mohammed al-Najjar0020105080657By God, do not let the message stand with you Make sure that there is the long awaited In
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