Spray the moisturizing face to give this "game of thrones" a delightful skin star

From the blues of Targarian White Targarian blonde to John Snow's famous man cake, HBO hit the TV series Thrush game has no shortage of creative beauty moments. But it is hard to make the bright skin of the "Red Priest" Melesander (played by Dutch actress Caris van Hotten), the last glow in the world that steals every scene she's in.
Fortunately, the mystery of Van Houten's luminous skin is not magic. The actress, 40, who is currently filming the suspense suspense suspense next domino, loans Jeanne Ederal Limongras love moisturizing spray (
The popular face spray contains lemon grass for a refreshing scent moisturizing the skin immediately, according to van Hotten, the smell of death. "Every time my makeup artist guides me with this one, I absolutely love it," she told the company's beauty.
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